The RED Dragon is at the leading of the evolution of digital cinema technology. Attachment within the Epic and Scarlet camera systems, the RED Dragon is the first digital cinema platform to be measured against stills cameras – and is comparable to the very best on the market. Coupled with a drone hire, and the potential for aerial filming and photography, it’s a chilling piece of equipment.

Red Epic Dragon 6k is carrying a 19-megapixel sensor, the RED Dragon can capture video footage and stills photos at 6K resolution. OR at nearly ten times the resolution of standard HD, delivering a higher image density than 35mm film. Supporting 100 plus frames per second and 16.5 stops of dynamic range, the Dragon delivers an extremely clean, detailed and nuanced image, capturing life as you see it with your own eyes. Extraordinarily, the super high resolution image and rapid shooting speed mean that you can effectively capture 100 high quality, 6K stills a second.

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